As many of you know, HoneyPoint3D is an award-wining 3D printing and 3D design company.  We teach people how to design models and 3D print them under our educational division, or we create the models ourselves for clients in our rapid prototyping division.

Today, we would like to announce our brand-new online class that will help inventors, tinkerers, or the next great product designers in their path to success.  

Meet our new course on Autodesk Fusion 360!  

You’ve learned how to master meshes with our premiere Meshmixer class, now you can unlock the other half of the CAD modeling spectrum with a parametric solid modeling tool.  The bonus is that many Meshmixer features are working themselves into Fusion 360 so your previous training will be even more useful inside of Fusion 360.

And, we are discounting the course by 50% until August 15th, so the class is only $74.50 down from the normal $149!  

Read on for stats on the course….

We really know our stuff, and are excited to bring this knowledge to you.  If you go to Autodesk’s Fusion 360 homepage, your instructor, Nick Kloski is quoted directly on the main product homepage! 

Here is some info on the course:

  • Over 15 hours of instruction broken down into accessible modules
  • Online & self-paced: start and stop any lesson at any time, lifetime access
  • No experience with Fusion 360 needed
  • Having a problem understanding how to use a specific feature? Go to our detailed reference section with short-form videos on all major Fusion 360 functions
  • Want to learn how to approach a project, step-by-step? Our Workflow modules take you from start to finish for several projects
  • If you have a specific question, look to our “Video FAQ Section” where we have targeted videos that answer specific questions (without having to go through an entire module)
  • When Fusion has a major new release, we’ll update our course to keep your training up to date!  (we have a section on the newly announced Meshmixer-powered “Fusion 360 mesh workspace”, for instance)
Why should you care about Fusion 360?  Lots of reasons:
  • You don’t have to pay for the software, Fusion 360 is FREE for consumer and commercial startup use
  • You will finally be able to easily model things that break or objects you use that “are just not quite right for me” in powerful software that allows for easy iterative editing of your model
  • Fusion 360 can create production-ready models (STEP, IGES) that manufacturers can fabricate immediately
  • If something breaks around the house, this class will help you figure out how to model it, to then get your model 3D printed
  • Fusion 360 can run simulations on your products so you can test them before you ever produce one in the physical world
  • Fusion will also create photo-realistic rendering of your models to show to potential investors, or to garner support for a crowdfunding campaign
We are offering this class at  50% off until August 15th, so please check it out, and click on the preview lessons to test out the class before purchasing.
-The HoneyPoint3D Team
P.S. – For those of you who saw this class newly listed on the website and purchased it before this announcement, fear not!  Just contact us at info@honeypoint3d.com and let us know your name, and we will issue you a price adjustment refund for the difference.
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